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Infrared Sauna

Baths and saunas have been around a long time
since the ancient Greeks and Romans.  Even then, people knew the body needed more than just a scrub to be clean and that a little indulgence is good for your mental health.  

We live fast-paced lives and need moments of rest and relaxation and one of the finest ways to achieve this is in an infrared sauna.  The Health Mate Infrared Sauna is now available at our spa and offers the latest in technology and design

$15 for 15 mins
Suggested prior to a service to warm up muscles and start the detox process.  Allows for time to mentally decompress.

$30 for 30 mins
Suggested after a service to continue detox process even further.

$80 for 45 mins
For a deep cleanse, we finish with an ionic foot bath to cleanse, balance and enhance the bio-energy of your body.
The Big Difference - Why Infrared?
In a traditional steam sauna airtemperature must be over 200ºF to evaporate water into steam to heat the air.  These high temperatures can be too stifling for most people.  The infrared sauna is more bearable at 110-160ºF.
The infrared rays directly warm your body and in just one half hour session you get rid of deep waste and give your whole immune system a boost. 
As your body warms up and sweats to cool off you lose both water and waste.  In a traditional sauna your sweeat is 97% water, 3% waste.  With our infrared sauna the sweat content is significantly different - as little as 80% water and up to 20% waste!
But there's more - this cooling process requires body energy which means you are burning calories as you rest comfortably. Your heart rate increases and your circulation is stimulated just as if you walked for half an hour. Even one session relieves tension and relaxes your muscles and your skin has a fresher complexion.
What is Infrared Sauna Good For?
Infrared technology is not new and IR treatments have been applied in the medical world since 1967. Studies show that IR therapy can be beneficial for : rheumatism and arthritis, muscle and joint pains, headaches and stress.
If nothing else, a session in our IR sauna is relaxing and beneficial.  Take some time to care for yourself and clear your mind, with a bit of music or a good book.  The heat relaxes your muscles, making them more flexible and easing the tension in your neck and shoulders.
Recent studies have widened to the scope of IR therapy and shown it improves a large range of conditions including depression, chronic heart failure, cancer, rheumatoid arthitis and hyperthermia.  Fractures heal faster, and patients undergoing infrared treatment have found improvement with back pain, gastrointestinal issues, hypertension, whiplash, insomnia and menstrual pain. 
But there's more - Harmony Spa's infrared sauna is also great for your skin!  After detoxification and sweating, the pores narrow and scars can fade over time.  Your skin looks younger and fresher.  For people with cellulitis or skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or acne IR therapy brings healing relief.
Advanced Light Therapy
Our sauna's innovative LED Color Light System is the first of its kind in an infrared sauna.  Studies have shown the healing benefits of LED lights and depending on your mood or need, you can se the LED Color Light System to a specific color or rotate it for your light therapy needs.

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